“Hannah, I just want to send a follow up note post-marathon. After flying in from a 3 city business trip for a brief visit to my home city to run the Detroit Marathon, I was tight and tense and short on time. You were kind enough to schedule me within 4 hours of my calling you Friday morning, which was special in itself. I also called based on reviews read and the close proximity to the downtown hotel. I’ve lived in 4 cities and travel extensively for business and pleasure, and have experienced a variety of massage therapies. After speaking with me about my needs, you provided the most beneficial therapy I have ever experienced. You were so in tune with the muscular response to varying degrees of pressure and where physiological imbalance was evident, and you “knocked it out”. Thank you for contributing to a positive Marathon run 2 days later. Whenever, I’m in Detroit, as I often come for business and to visit family, I will make it a point to visit, and will recommend Detroit Massage and Wellness to all I encounter.
Ken” – 
Ken S. 11.6.2014

“I am a professional actor dancer singer and I’ve been on tour for 5 years of my professional life. I’ve lived in NYC and LA and toured all over the world. Hanna is the one of the BEST massage therapist I’ve had in a LONG time. She is truly gifted. She talked with me about my needs and expectations and worked on me accordingly. She’s not one of those poser therapists that ask you what you want then do their typical massage routine on you. It’s truly a custom specialized massage experience. I was lucky enough to get to visit her twice in one week while in Detroit on the CHICAGO national tour. You will love your time with her! Cash and check only.” – Karl W.   Los Angeles, CA   5.20.2011

“I was looking for a new massage therapist, and picked Detroit Massage & Wellness based on the other yelp reviews.  Luckily, this place definitely lived up to its reputation.  I’ve been to a couple different places since moving to Detroit about a year ago, and while the massages were nice, there was nothing special about them, and I often felt they were overpriced.

But not here!  You can buy a pack of 5 massages for $250, which, for the quality of service you’re getting is a total steal.  Plus, this is the first place I’ve been in a while where they actually know how to do real myofascial release massage (it hurts so good!).  

I’ve seen Nicole twice, and each time she goes over what areas I’d like worked on, whether I want her to focus on a specific part of my body, and the level of pressure I’m comfortable with.  I’m the type who likes to just totally zone out during my massage, but she did just the perfect amount of checking in to make sure I was ok with the level of pressure, etc.

They also send out text message reminders for your appointments and even though I’m totally type A about maintaining my calendar, I still think it’s a nice little service, and less intrusive than a phone call.  Now I just have to work on convincing my friend, who literally lives within walking distance of this place, to try them out.  He’s a triathlete who does not know the magic of a myofascial release massage…he must be indoctrinated :-) ” – Jenni H.   Detroit, MI   7.17.2012

“If you’re in Detroit and need a massage, GO HERE. Even if you’re not in Detroit and need a massage, GO HERE. After trying many places in the suburbs (schlepping myself out of the city, where I live), I had my first appointment (I say first because I know I will be back soon) today with Rebecca. She looked over my intake form carefully, and then took a few minutes to discuss my needs and requests, including pressure level, areas of particular discomfort, etc. This is the best part about this new business: you are listened to. It makes such a difference!

I must say, though, what impressed me the most was Rebecca’s technique and strength. I have had massages by big, burly men that were not as effective as hers– she is truly a master and I was in a state of complete bliss and relaxation after my massage. She put some emphasis on my neck, jaw, and facial muscles because I have issues with TMJ; I can’t even express how much this helped. Instant pain relief and relaxation. The space is beautiful, located in a very convenient area (North Corktown), and very affordable for this quality of work. Make an appointment today, and you won’t have to truck out 10 miles anymore for a phenomenal massage.” – Emily P.   Detroit, MI   2.25.2012

“Hannah is my favorite massage therapist, and I’ve had many in the past 10 years. She’s communicative, works with your specific health problems, and always has lots of self-care suggestions for you to do at home between massages.
I see Hannah specifically for TMJ and stress-related neck and shoulder tension. She’s wonderful at working out kinks and stretching your muscles while providing a relaxing massage.” – Lynn W.   Hamtramck, MI   3.14.2012

“I am so happy I found Hanna and Detroit Massage and Wellness. After trying out several places around Metro Detroit, I can easily say this is the best massage I’ve had in Michigan and up there in the top 3 I’ve had anywhere- including those I’ve tried in L.A, London, Chicago and elsewhere. I called Hanna to schedule an appointment and she followed up as promptly as she could, within a few hours after treating other clients. It is a one woman operation and she seems to run it very effectively. The space is in a cozy N. Corktown neighborhood in a nice, well-maintained environment without any pretense. Hanna is youthful and friendly and yet also demonstrates a particularly skilled know-how when it comes to her work. The prices are very reasonable and considering how good the massage was, I can envision coming in at least once every couple of months (more of course if I could afford it.) The value for the experience is that good. I couldn’t ask for anything better in a massage experience. DMW focuses on what matters and it makes for a truly quality experience. I look forward to continuing to support the business.” – Bethany B.   Detroit, MI   12.30.2011

“My experience with Hannah was lovely.  Her space is cozy and relaxing.  She took time before the massage to talk to me about issues that I wanted to address and followed up afterwards with things that she noticed and suggestions for what I could do at home.” – Wendy B.   Detroit, MI   1.22.2011

 ”Hannah is wonderful!  I melted into the table.  So nice to have this service in Corktown and reasonably priced.  Be good to yourself!” — Mary H.   Detroit, MI   1.24.12

“What I lke most is the way in which the therapist asks if I have any areas that need attention and listens carefully to my answer. I know I’m getting a massage that’s tuned to my needs. Because this therapist works to put me at ease before the session, I can relax completely.” – Joe L.   Oak Park, MI   1.10.2011

“I had a great experience at Detroit Massage and Wellness.  I’d visited Hannah (the massage therapist) before at her old Royal Oak office and had a good experience, but like her new location better.  It is homey, well decorated, and smells wonderful.  When I was laying on the table waiting for the massage to begin and listening to the non-cheesy music, I was very relaxed and felt like I would pay for just that!

The massage itself was of course professional and well done, and Hannah listened when I gave specific instructions (I wanted her to focus on muscles that were affecting tension headaches I was having).  My favorite thing was that she used a hot pack during the massage, which felt great.

What I really appreciated, though, was the care that Hannah took after the massage in explaining what she noticed in my shoulders and what I could do in the coming weeks to ameliorate the pain I was having.  She made notes on my chart and took the time to discuss different options (hot pack, epsom salts, posture changing) in a way that gave me tools to feel better not just right after the massage, but in the future.

The price was reasonable, the experience was relaxing and therapeutic, and I will be a repeat customer at this new location.” — Alix G.   Detroit, MI   1.9.2011

If you’d like to write a review or provide us with any feedback, please email DetroitMassage@gmail.com.

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